↑ This is Simple, a simple time tracker.

Track time

Get control of
your time

By tracking your time you’ll see exactly how much time you spend on your tasks, projects, and clients. Stop guesstimating, and see where all your time goes. It’s super simple with Simple.

Track time on tasks

Task management

Boost your productivity

It is easy to prioritize tasks with Simple time tracker. Instantly see what to do next in a nicely structured list.

“There are no overcomplicated fields to fill and options to set. Honestly - it is just a simple time tracker and that’s all.”

— Renata J, freelancing graphic designer

Simple time tracking app

Time tracking app

A Simple time tracker on the go

Simple works the same way on mobile and desktop - with all the same features. Your devices will sync in real-time, which means you can add new tasks on one device and they will show up on all your other devices automatically. Simple can also be installed as an app, here.

Simple time tracker front page

For those who value simplicity